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Additive manufacturing with different 3D manufacturing processes and technologies, all from one provider

Selective Laser Sintering


In Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) a laser is used to sinter powdered plastic into a 3D model without the need of a support structure.

Typical application:
Prototypes made of plastic, samples, components in small batches

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Stereolithography, or SLA, is a 3D printing technology to quickly produce unique high resolution 3D components by applying layer after layer.

Typical application:
Prototypes, casting models, concept models, geometrical and functional models

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Selective Laser Melting


Selective Laser Melting (SLM) is a 3D printing technology to manufacture metals without casting form. Metallic powders are melted and fused together with a laser to produce a 3D component.

Typical application:
High-strength components, metal components

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Fused Deposition Modeling


Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is an additve manufacturing technology in which a 3D model is produced layer by layer using a melt processable material, mostly plastic.

Typical application:
Simple models, cost-effective functional prototypes

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3D abilities and 3D printing services for your entire production process

Additive manufacturing & 3D printing

Choose from different 3D manufacturing processes for your industrial application. We offer individual and comprehensive consultation to find the best printing method and achieve the best production results for your needs.


We print your 3D model


Consulting service & project support, including data check

We offer consulting services concerning everything related to 3D printing and guide you through the process of realizing a 3D model, from the first idea, through the CAD design till the finished 3D component. You will benefit from our experience and and the extensive range of 3D printing technologies. marhellabs is your proficient contact for the planning and realization of 3D models.

We advice you without obligation

CAD design & 3D data development, including post processing

As a full-service provider for 3D printing we produce original CADs of 3D models for your prototypes in the making, small batches or 3D serial productions – from the planning phase to the optimized component.

We create your 3D print file

Surface finishing

Our 3D finishing with many surface options gives your components optical, haptic and functional properties – customized and user optimized.

We refine your 3D surface

Reverse engineering

With 3D scan technology, the most advanced 3D measuring and post-processing techniques, we can take a precise 3D image of your desired object, reproduce it and make it ready for 3D printing. See for yourself and find out about our project expertise, development experience and different manufacturing processes.

We manufacture your reference object in 3D

Benefits of 3D printing and additive manufacturing

  • Fast development and manufacturing
  • Instant production with 3D CAD data
  • No costs for tools and casting molds
  • Individual models and complex structures
  • Lightweight yet very strong geometries
  • Mechanical and thermal resistance
  • High-strength and flexible component production
  • Reduction of lead times, manufacturing steps and assemblies

Wherever additive manufacturing reaches its limits, marhellabs applies subtractive as well as conventional manufacturing methods, and combines them. All along, you are in the hands of the professional and independent 3D project support of marhellabs.