Selective Laser Sintering – SLS processes with marhellabs

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Selective Laser Sintering is used to manufacture 3D work pieces and 3D components which can not be produced with conventional manufacturing processes such as machining and casting.

Thanks to the SLS process, 3D prints can be produced in any form, geometry or undercut.

The 3D component is constructed layer by layer through a laser that sinters plastic powder three-dimensionally into the finished component. This process takes place only on the construction area specified by the CAD model. The surrounding material supports the shape created by the laser. Modifications and additions to the production material can generate different material properties which are suitable for the production of prototypes and special components.

Advantages of SLS 3D printing

  • Mechanical Strength
  • Large material selection
  • Flexibility of the components
  • Complex structure creation
  • Individual shaping
  • Thermal resistance
  • Manufacturing without support elements

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Technical Properties of SLS 3D Printing

PA 2200
PA 3200 GF
PA 2210 FR
EOS Peek
Luvosint X32A-2

Layer-Height: 0,025–1,25 m

Build Volume:
Min.: 200 x 250 x 330 mm
Max.: 700 x 380 x 580 mm

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Selective Laser Sintering – Areas of application

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is suitable for both fully functional models and ready to use components as well as for prototypes as illustratative models. The SLS technique is also perfectly suitable to 3D print serial parts. Wherever precision manufacturing of 3D parts with material resistance is required, SLS is the most suitable 3D printing technology.

Industries for SLS Processes

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Motor sports
  • Mold and tool making

Selective Laser Sintering – 3D surface finishing

Our 3D services also include the finishing of SLS manufactured 3D prints. The functional and optical properties are modified and optimized according to your individual wishes. The following 3D finishing services are available:

  • Coloring with abrasion-resistant colors
  • Surface impregnation
  • Flocking
  • Optimization of haptics
  • Grinding and polishing before varnishing
  • Varnishing according to RAL or HKS color charts, fire protection, 1-K/2-K
  • Chrome look
  • Galvanizing and metallizing
  • Subsequent machining with milling, turning, grating, drilling, reaming and tapping

The full-service provision of marhellabs includes additive manufacturing processes as well as subtractive manufacturing and conventional manufacturing. The benefits of these process combinations are clear to see. Let us advise you individually.